Alpine Festival in Haa Valley for Action-Packed Weekend

Alpine Festival in Haa Valley for Action-Packed Weekend


rp_BhutanJuly92011.pngThe 2-day annual Alpine Festival will begin on July 9, 2011in the MythicValleyof the Guardian Spirit in Haa region (Bhutan). Haa, the Royal Grandmother’s home, is just two hours drive from Paro (the only airport in the country) via theChelelaPass. You can stay in a traditional farmhouse that can accommodate up to six people or camp under the star-studded sky.

During the festival, you can taste home-cooked local food, including buckwheat dumplings (Haapi Hoentoe), Ema Datshi made from yak cheese, and ara brew with yak meat slices. You can even participate in traditional Bhutanese games- soksum (spear / javelin), archery and khuru (wooden dart). Enjoy horse and / or yak riding.

Mask dance and folk song performances are not be missed. A cattle show focusing on indigenous cattle breed-the Nublang- is also planned. You can observe and learn how a tent is made from yak hair. Buy Bhutanese art and craft made from wood, slate, clay, silver and gold.

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