3 vantage points to enjoy panoramas of Mandi


Where to travel

Bhuili, Dhangsi Dhar (ridge) and Tarna Hill, the three viewpoints lend themselves to the panoramas of Mandi Town (Himachal Pradesh) and its neighborhood. These public places are easily accessible on foot and / or by auto rickshaws. We suggest that you should accept challenge of the moderately steep short hikes leading to Dhangsi and Tarna from where you can see miniature Mandi and part of the town resembling the map of India.

Who will enjoy this short adventure trip idea?

Travelers who love a bird’s eye views of the destination

Travelers seeking soft adventure itineraries

Travelers who love photography


What to do & see  

Here is a look at the three vantage points:

Bhuili / Bhiuli


Bhuili and Mandi towns from Bhima Kaali Temple, Himachal Pradesh


Bhuili is home to Bhima Kaali Temple located on the end of Bhuili Bridge spanning the Beas River. The temple sits on the slope that was once occupied by the Jogin Shrine. The temple offers views of Mandi and Bhuili towns and the verdure Beas. 

Dhangsi Dhar


Mandi town from Dhangsi Dhar in Himachal Pradesh

A bird’s eye view of Mandi from Dhangsi Dhar


The vantage point dwarfs all structures near it, including colossal Triloknath Temple, Panchvaktra Temple, Victoria Bridge and many other structures.  But the fading grandeur of the landmarked monuments still stands out among asymmetrical ordinary buildings. From here, you can spot the part of the town that resembles the map of India. The part is bounded by two rivers, the Suketi and the Beas, on the left and right respectively. The ranges of Chamba make a lovely backdrop to the North of the ridge. Part of the ranges is crowned with snow.

The ridge is about 30-minute walk from the bus stand on national highway (NH) 154 near Victoria Bridge. The moderately steep well-marked trail meandering through bushes features beautiful delicate flowers. If you are a believer, you would love to worship in Mahishasura Mardini Temple that sits on Dhangsi Dhar. 

Tarna Hill 


Mandi town from Tarna Hill, Himachal pradesh


The hill (approximately 1,000 meters) houses Shayamkali (Tarna Mata) Temple and Rani Amrit Kaur Park. The temple, overlooking Mandi Town, hosts an annual fair during September-October. The hill and the route offer fantastic views of the town and the major landmarks. If you have a long lens or binoculars, you can even enjoy the Shivratri processions from this route during February and March.

You have four options to go to the hill:


Option 1: From the main bazaar, climb more than 300 steps leading to the temple

Road: walk, take a bus or take an auto rickshaw

Option 2:

  • Take School Bazaar Road from Seri Munch (near DC Office).
  • Walk until you reach first roundabout with traffic lights.
  • Take left from the roundabout.
  • Keep walking on this moderately steep narrow road until you reach the temple.
  • Keep left.
  • Circuit House (right side), H.P.S.E.B. Rest House (left side), Sessions House (right side) and police officers’ houses are located along this road.
  • This two-kilometer walk unfolds the views of the town after the roundabout. So, walk along this road, especially in the morning (6-8 AM) when traffic is thin.

Option 3: If you do not want to walk, you can board a mini bus.

Option 4: If you do not like public transport, you can take an auto rickshaw. The return fare (Seri Munch – Tarna Hill – Seri Munch) amounts to INR 80 for maximum of three passengers. However, you have to shell out INR 50 for one way ride.

When to go

Any time

But July-September is a rainy season.

How to reach

Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate – Mandi: 475 kilometers

Chandigarh – Mandi: approximately 250 kilometers

Shimla – Mandi: about 180 kilometers


Himachal Road Transport Corporation (H.R.T.C.) runs regular buses from Delhi, Chandigarh and Shimla to Mandi.

Delhi – Mandi: The bus fare starts from INR 835 per passenger (Volvo bus), INR 622 per passenger (deluxe bus), INR 430 per passenger (semi deluxe), INR 430 per passenger (ordinary bus).

Chandigarh-Mandi: A bus ticket for this 4-6 hours journey (depending on driver’s intention and speed) costs INR 365 (AC bus) and INR 220 (ordinary bus). 

Shimala – Mandi: The price of a bus ticket amounts to INR 250 (deluxe), INR 185 (semi deluxe) and INR 165 (ordinary).


Kullu Manali (Bhuntar) Airport is about 60 kilometers from Mandi Town. However, currently there are no flights.


Nearest railway station: Joginder Nagar Railway Station (JDNX)

JDNX-Mandi:  approximately 50 kilometers

The narrow gauge rail track runs between Pathankot (PTK) – Joginder Nagar (JDNX).

Kangra Toy Train: http://www.railtourismindia.com/Trains/HillCharters/hillTravelPlanner.html


Himachal Pradesh Public Works Department (H.P.P.W.D.) rest house 

The department offers basic accommodation for INR 200 per night. http://hppwd.gov.in/report_rh.asp?idno=mandi

Himachal Pradesh Forest Department rest house 

The forest rest houses provide budget rooms. http://hpforest.nic.in/FRH_HP.pdf


  • Hotel Azad, http://www.hotelazad.com/home.swf
  • Hotel Manjul, http://www.hotelsinmandi.com/budget-hotels/hotel-manjul-mandi.html
  • Hotel Raj Mahal, http://www.rajmahalpalace.com/
  • Hotel River bank, http://www.hotelriverbank.net/
  • Hotel Valley View, http://www.hotelvalleyview.in/
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