4 options for getting around in Dharamshala

You can use the following four means of transport to travel in Dharamshala:

  1. Taxis are easily available and convenient. The taxi operator union has a fixed tariff chart for almost all popular destinations. So, there is hardly any chance of bargain. Another advantage of the tariff is least cheating. Taxi Stand is located in Kotawali Bazaar near The Dhauladhar Hotel. You can browse through the website of Bhagsu Taxi Union.
  2. Black and yellow auto rickshaws are cheaper than taxis and ubiquitous. An auto (local term for the rickshaw) can comfortably accommodate three passengers of normal size. The auto charges INR 130.00 for a ride from Dharamshala to Mcleodganj. You have to pay INR 400.00 for a 4-point sightseeing trip within Mcleodganj. The points include Bhagsunath Temple, Dal Lake, Dalai Lama Temple and Saint John Church. Like taxi operators, auto operators also have their union that fixes the tariff.
  3. Maxicabs can accommodate 12 people: 11 passengers and one driver. But we were never comfortable with Maxicabs because the bumpy rides scared us. The drivers of these jam-packed cabs drive rashly.
  4. Affordable public and private bus service is good. For instance, bus tariff for a 20-30 minute Dharamshala-Mcleodganj ride is INR 10.00 per passenger. Make a mental note of the fact that private buses do not issue the ticket in exchange of the fare collected. Public buses issue the tickets for the fare. The bus is the cheapest option, but you have to await the buses. Do allocate 20-30 minutes for waiting.


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