5 FAQs about Himachali home stay

The Indian Himalayan state Himachal Pradesh (H.P.) offers accommodation in rural homes across various tourist places. Today, you will find answers to five (5) frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the home stays.

1. What is home stay scheme?

The home stay scheme is based on “Incredible India Bed and Breakfast scheme” of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. The scheme offers affordable and clean accommodations to both domestic and foreign travelers and tourists. Local families own and manage these accommodations, approved by the Department of Tourism, H.P. The scheme covers rural areas that do not come under the jurisdiction of Nagar Panchayat (City Council), Nagar Parishad (Municipal Council) and Nagar Nigam (Municipal Corporation).


Minimum facilities provided by a home stay in Himachal Pradesh, India


According to the “Himachal Pradesh Home Stay, Scheme2008,”

“Home Stay is any private house located in rural areas of the State in good condition and easily accessible in the country-side i.e. within the Farm House, Orchards, Tea-Gardens etc. will primarily qualify under the Scheme. The house shall fulfill the minimum requirement of having one or more room’s accommodation subject to a maximum of three rooms to cover under the scheme with attached toilet facility which will be made available to the tourists as Home Stay accommodation.”

2. What are the minimum standards for a home stay?

The scheme defines the following minimum standards for a home stay:

Area of single room:100 square feet

Area of a double-bed room:120 square feet

Area of a toilet / bathroom:30 square feet

Reasonably furnished rooms


3. How much does a home stay cost? What is the mode of payment?

The home stay tariff starts from INR 75.00 per bed in a dormitory. The Department of Tourism, H.P. approves the tariff for a home stay at the time of registration. The tariff is revised every two (2) years with the permission of the department. However, the home stay certificate is renewed every five (5) years. The home stay displays the registration certificate with the tariff list approved by the department.

You can pay through a demand draft (DD), cheque or in cash. Check out with the owner.

4. Which facilities are available at Himachali home stays? 

Facilities may vary from property to property and range from basic to modern. For instance, attached bathrooms, comfy beds, dining areas, drawers,  garbage disposal systems, kitchens, left luggage storage, mineral water facility,  parking, proper ventilation, public rooms with heating and cooling facilities, running cold & hot water, shelves, showers, wardrobes, washing machines, water taps, WC toilets… Check out with the host at the time of booking.

5. How can you book a home stay? 

Himachal Pradesh Tourism development Corporation (H.P.T.D.C.) provides online booking option for some home stays. However, home stay properties are not under the control of the corporation.

You can contact directly to the owner. Both landline and mobile numbers are published on the website. Alternatively, just walk in to find whether room is available.


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