5 indispensable tips to hire auto rickshaw in Mandi


An auto rickshaw stand near Seri Munch in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh


You may call a pink radio auto rickshaw (locally called auto) over phone in Chandigarh but the service is non-existent in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Fear not because you have reasons to smile. This small inconvenience saves money and ensures flexibility, as the radio auto generally charges more than the standard fare and extra for waiting time.

1. In Mandi, how does an auto rickshaw look like? 

An auto rickshaw, a three-wheel public transport vehicle, supports black and yellow color scheme. Shared autos, big Piaggios, can accommodate up to six people. On the other hand, small autos have space just for three passengers. Autos do not have any doors but canvas curtains are drawn during rainy season to protect the passengers.

2. How to find an auto rickshaw 

In Mandi, you can take an auto from an auto rickshaw stand and / or anywhere in the town. For example, one auto stand is located next to Seri Munch near DC Office, heart of the town. Alternatively, you can wait along the road, spot an auto and stop an empty auto.

3. How much should you pay for a ride? 

The autos do not feature fare meters. If any of the autos has a fare meter, the driver would not put the meter on. The auto fare depends on the time of travel, distance to be traveled, driver’s desire and customer’s ability to negotiate. However, during the day, minimum fare amounts to INR 20 for up to two kilometers for the 3-seat auto, whereas the fare starts from INR 10 per passenger for Piaggio.

4. Do you have to pay extra for a night ride in Mandi?

Yes. There is a huge difference between day and night fares. The night fare depends on whims and fancies of the drivers. They may ask for triple that of the day fare. You should therefore negotiate before hiring the service. You should not pay more than double of the day fare. The night service is very limited. So, keep some extra time to find an auto and rate negotiations.

5. Is pre-paid auto service available in Mandi?



In Mandi, affordable auto rickshaws are easily available during day time but it is bit difficult to get one in the night. Never forget to negotiate the fare for an auto rickshaw ride.

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