8 Challenges Await You on Leh-Manali Highway

Before you board the bus or take your bike for Leh-Manali journey, check these pictures to know the problems that you may face while driving on Leh-Manali journey.
Landslide on Leh-Manali Highway


July 18, 2014. A bus tries to cross the road section covered with boulders after a landslide.

Debris on Leh-Manali Road


July 18, 2014. Laborers clean debris from the highway.

Potholes and scree create problems for drivers using Leh-Manali highway.


July 18, 2014. Potholes and slope covered with scree

Leh-Manali highway passes the Thanglang La, Ladakh.


July 18, 2014. Thanglang La, 5,328 meters (17,582 feet), the second highest motorable pass

Be prepared to negotiate
  1. Broken bridges
  2. Debris covered road sections
  3. High altitude
  4. Landslides
  5. Potholes
  6. Screes
  7. Slush
  8. Loops of tar


July 18, 2014. The Border Road Organization's (BRO) staff and officers repair a bridge and do a test drive before allowing public vehicles to cross it.

Bridge on Leh-Manali Highway


July 18, 2014. A road section with potholes

Potholes on Leh-Manali road


July 19, 2014. A broken section of the road

Broken part of Leh-Manali Highway


July 19, 2014. Laborers try to clear road covered with slush.

Slush covered sections of Leh-Manali route

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