Angler’s Bungalow’s Bathroom Was Neither Dirty nor Dark, But It Was Tiny and Ugly



I think, all of us agree on one thing: bathrooms are private places, which should not be neglected ever. In fact, bathrooms should be extra clean and safe for complete hygiene and avoiding spread of infections. However, these private places are neglected in many budget hotels.

It is difficulty to find out the condition of a bathroom while booking a hotel room in advance. If room has been booked for a long stay in advance, it is very disappointing to find ensuite bathroom in appalling condition at the time of check-in. Because almost full-payment in advance restrains the traveler from moving to another property. So, should travelers not book in advance?  Is there any way to find the condition of bathroom while booking the room?

We were in same dilemma when we checked in Angler’s Bungalow, Katrain, Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh in July 2010. Although the bathroom, occupying a small rectangular corner in the spacious bright suite, was clean, it was shabby. Paint was peeling from the wall at least for two feet from the ground. There was no moss and mould, but the wall was ugly. Layout was inconvenient. Low sink had one tap only and a hole, where second tap should have been installed. Plumbing fittings were loose. Tiled floor was clean. Flush was smooth. There was a well-maintained geezer. A small window with translucent glass allowed enough natural light to brighten the bathroom. It was neither dirty nor dark, but it was tiny and ugly. Water flow was good and ample. It was cleaned every day, so we could use it. Since we had advance booking for ten days, we could not vacate the room and stay somewhere else. It was quite disappointing.

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