A Candid Account of Keylong-Kardang Monastery Trail: A Photo Story

Today I have opened an online photo exhibition on Keylong-Kardang Monastery trail. The exhibition comprises 34 photos showcasing the sights of the trail. You can walk this easy trail on your own. This about 5-km long DIY hike will take you to the small town of Keylong and village of Kardang/Kardong.

Browse the pictures and read details of the trail winding through Lahaul and Spiti District, Himachal Pradesh. I walked the trail solo and captured the sights on June 29, 2014.

Keylong-Kardang Monastery Trail: A Lush and Lovely DIY Trail


Bhaga river between Keylong two and Kardong village in Lahaul Spiti

A bridge on the Bhaga River that forms border between Keylong town and Kardang village

The Bhaga River, tributary of Chandrabhaga river

The Bhaga River from the bridge

A wild rose along Keylong-Kardang Monastery Trail

A wild rose

Purple flowers in Lahaul

Himalayan Geranium or Lilac Cranesbill  (Geranium himalayense)

Keylong from Keylong-Kardang Monastery Trail

Keylong from the trail

Yellow flowers from Himalayas

 A type of hawksbeard flower

Blue onion flowers from Himalayas

Blue Onion (Allium caesium), an alpine plant, grows between 2,400 and 3,300 meter of altitude.

Keylong-Kardang Monastery Trail

The well-marked trail can be identified easily.

Potato family flowers in Himalayas

A flower from potato family that lives at an altitude ranging from 3,500 to 4,600 meters

Bugloss Alpine Bluebells in Lahaul

Bugloss Alpine Bluebell  (Decalepidanthus echinoids) is a resident of Lahaul. The flower grows between 2,700 and 3,600 meter.

Yellow color flowers from pea family

Sickle Medick (Medicago falcata),  a member of the pea family.

Wildflowers from Keylong-Kardang Monastery Trail

A type of monkshood flower

Daily life in Keylong

Farmers work in their fields in Keylong.

Butterfly in Himalayas

A butterfly

A type of myna in Kardang

Brahminy Starling in Kardang. Do not just focus on colorful wildflowers. Do look up. You will find lovely birds.



Keylong, Himachal Pradesh

Another section of Keylong as seen from the trail

People of Kardong

One of the kids I met at Jbjes Monastery, a poorly maintained small monastery in Kardang village

Polyhouse replaces glass houses in Kardang

(Foreground) A polyhouse in Kardong. (Background) Keylong.

A house in Kardang

A house and its fields in Kardang

Children of Kardong

I met these innovative sports lovers in Kardang. They made a ball of plastic gunny bag to play their favorite sports, football and volleyball.

Residents of Kardong

The boys use their rudimentary ball as a football.

Lifestyle of Kardong

The boys play volleyball with the handmade ball.

A type of columbine flower

Columbine, a member of Aquilegia genus

A member of pea family of flowers

A pink purple flower from the pea family

Keylong-Kardang Monastery Trail Signboard

A signboard along the Kardang Monastery trail

Kuth from Keylong-Kardang Monastery Trail

A kuth field along the trail

Settlements around the Keylong-Kardang Monastery Trail

One of the villages seen from the trail

Kardang Monastery

Kardang Monastery

Forget me nots blossoms form Lahaul


A brown yellow flower from Himalayas

Henbane (Stinking nightshade). It is believed that Shakespeare referred to this herb in his famous work Hamlet.

Keylong hotels

(Top to Bottom) Chandra Bhaga (HPTDC) Hotel in Keylong. National Highway connecting Keylong to Leh and Manali. Keylong town and its fields as seen from the trail.

Snowcapped peaks in Kardang

Himalayan peaks from Kardang village

Keylong-Kardang Monastery Trail

A local walks back to Keylong

Pea fields in Keylong

A pea field punctuated with apple trees at the beginning of the trail in Keylong.

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