Highlights of Adi Chamunda Temple Trail: Attractions and Facilities


Adi Chamunda Temple Complex in Himachal Pradesh

A shepherd keeps an eye on his flock roaming within the temple complex.


Wildlife from Adi Chamunda Temple Trail

A sheep nurses the lamb.


Observations from Adi Chamunda Temple hike

A pair of sheep makes love.


Hanuman Temple enroute Adi Chamunda Himani Temple

On the left, Hanuman Temple acts as a cairn. The sun adds life to Hanuman Temple and taparis. Goats and sheep celebrate the new sun rays and feast on dew soaked grass.


How wool is collected from sheep

A shepherd shears wool.


Sidh Peeth Adi Chamunda Temple facing Telang range

Sidh Peth Adi Chamunda Temple: The temple shikhar surpasses the Telang Range (a part of Dhauladhar ) and reaches the sky to follow in the heavenly cloud’s footsteps.

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