Highlights of Adi Chamunda Temple Trail: Attractions and Facilities

7 Amenities and Facilities along Adi Chamunda Temple Trail


Grove of Rhododendrons along Chamunda hike route

A rough trail under the feet, but thick rhododendron canopies above protect from the direct sun.


Pine groves provide shade along the Chamunda trail in Kangra

The pine grove provides a rest point with enough shade. Otherwise the trail meanders under open sky.


Which type of water is available along Chamunda trail

A rain water pond along the trail near the temple


Solar power option along Adi Chamunda hike route

A solar panel along the trail


Camping site along Adi Chamunda Trail

The white stone en route the temple reads that camping is allowed.


Where to stay along Adi Himani Chamunda trail

The rooms in temple sarai: The slate enclosures protected us from the cold wind and horses that cantered in the cold night of September 25, 2012.


Sleep options along Adi Himani Chamunda trail

The generator room doubles as a bed room when the number of devotees exceeds the carrying capacity of the complex.

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