Honey Hut, Manali: Inviting Ambience, Good Desserts but Oversweet Main Course Dishes


We always look for affordable restaurants with an inviting and quiet ambience. And, pleasing ambience of well-lit Honey Hut at the Mall, Manali attracted our attention. Use of polished wood, painted glass, glossy tiles, white and shades of orange, honey color and beige complements the cushioned wooden chairs with marble top tables. The 20-seat self-service restaurant also features two pairs of comfy sofas with sleek low marble top tables. The walls are adorned with framed posters quoting merits of honey.

Menu is very limited. Both menu and paper napkins read “HowSweet!”. Our answer is oversweet.

We sampled four items: honey blueberry muffins (INR 45/-), honey fruit shake (INR 60/-), honey masla idli (INR 65/-) and paneer grilled sandwich (INR 55/-).

The shake with fresh pieces of apple and ice cream was well-prepared, but the muffins with very few berries could have done with less honey. The idlis, made from  MTR instant rava idli mix, were hard. They were seasoned with mustard seeds, chopped capsicums, carrots and onions, and curds, but tasted sweet to our disappointment. Dip, the accompaniment, made from tomato, lemon and honey was too sweet. Even generous sprinkling of salt and black pepper could not reduce the unwanted sweetness. It was the same with paneer grilled sandwich stuffed with ample amount of grated cottage cheese, carrot and cabbage.

We may visit the Hut for a dessert, but will not order main course dishes unless amount of honey is reduced. Although honey is a good substitute for cooking oil, it should be used sparingly to retain salty spicy taste of the cooked food.

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