Kangra trip planning experiences and tips (Part IV): Why didn’t we book Colonel’s Resort?

This is the fourth post in the 10-blog-post series focusing on helpful resources used for planning the Kangra trip starting from Chandigarh and problems we faced during the process. The series was started on Monday August 27, 2012. 



We spoke to the owner of Colonel’s Resort in Bir over phone. The initial interactions were nice. However, while booking the room through email, we came to know that the owner is not interested in business. He quoted room tariff inclusive of breakfast and dinner for two types of rooms though on the website more types of rooms are mentioned. The tariff was INR 1,850.00 per night for standard room and INR 2,500.00 per night for cottage.

We requested for European Plan (EP) tariff as we prefer the plan for personal reasons. When we are in mountains, we prefer to start our day as early as 6:00 AM to enjoy walks in fresh clean air and sunrise. We carry fruits and munchies for mini breakfast. As by the time we return, breakfast time is generally over. We prefer “big” brunch. We get up early and sleep early. And eat dinner early. Many times we have experienced that the hotel room is good but the food does not meet our expectations.  So, EP is the best choice.

The owner replied

“You are the first clients asking for an EP plan. Food at my place is what is a popular choice. There are a couple of Guest Houses here where you shall get a room for Rs 500/- a night.” 

We felt that

It was a rude reply.

If the food is popular choice as he mentioned in his email, why he is afraid of selling European Plan. We would have tried the restaurant at least once while staying in the resort. If the food were good, we would have happily eaten there.

The restaurant may not be doing well so he combined the food and room i.e. forcing food on the customers, which is not sensible in terms of business and ethics.

Other issues:

Another thing we have noticed in his emails and many other emails, hotel booking staff ignores the correct title of single independent female travelers. The staff addresses them as “Mrs.” as per their whims and fancies. It is insulting.

The resort website is not updated regularly. Therefore, the facility information on website does not match with actual facilities.

So, we did not book it although the owner was courteous in initial telephonic interactions.  Due to the interactions, we also sought his advice for hotels in Nurpur. He suggested one hotel of his friend, The Heights in Jassur, near Nurpur. But after reading his emails at the time of booking we decided not to consider his suggestion for Nurpur hotel.

Our verdict

We will neither stay at this resort nor recommend it.

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