Kangra trip planning experiences and tips (Part IX): 4 information sources for monuments in Kangra District

This is the ninth post in the 10-blog-post series focusing on helpful resources used for planning the Kangra trip starting from Chandigarh and problems we faced during the process. The series was started on Monday August 27, 2012.



Kangra District is dotted with forts and temples. Since we are fascinated with forts, some of these historic structures were on our itinerary. Some of the forts are maintained while others are not. However, exploring these forts is a challenge and requires some research. We did not find any comprehensive list of monuments, but a few short lists were found during the Web search. Here are the lists for your ready reference: 

Protected monuments in Kangra District

You will find a list of protected monuments in Kangra District maintained by Archaeological Survey of India (Delhi) on the website of Department of Language and Culture, Himachal Pradesh. 

Forts in Kangra

The website of the Department of Language and Culture, Himachal Pradesh also has a list of forts in the district. Browse through the Kangra forts list. 

Jeratha, Asoka. 2000. Forts and Palaces of the Western Himalaya. Indus Publishing Company 

Browse through the book to know more about the forts, including Haripur, Kangra, Kotla, Mao, Nurpur and Taragarh forts. Preview of the book is available on Google Books.

Official Website of Royal Family of Kangra 

The website maintained by the family covers historical background of the forts, royal family properties, temples and adventure activities-water sports, trekking, bird watching and angling. Read the Kangra website (http://www.royalkangra.com/property_of_kangra.htm).

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