Kangra trip planning experiences and tips (Part X): Hotels in Kangra Town

This is the last post in the 10-blog-post series focusing on helpful resources used for planning the Kangra trip starting from Chandigarh and problems we faced during the process. The series was started on Monday August 27, 2012. 



Kangra Town was the last stop on our itinerary. Googling did not display a comprehensive hotel list for Kangra Town. However, Hotel Maurya website appeared on page one of the search results. And Himachal Tourism Department website displayed “Kangra & Surrounding Area” hotel list of 30 properties. The list consists of big and small hotels and guest houses. We did not try guest houses. The list does not have website addresses. We searched for individual hotel websites in vain. Choosing a hotel thus was difficult. Then we filtered the results on tariff basis and selected Hotel Maurya.

You can check the hotel list (http://himachaltourism.gov.in/post/Hotels-in-Kangra-1-30.aspx) and call individual hotels for more information.

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