Lunch at Hall Estate Restaurant


The Hall Estate Restaurant in Naggar (Kullu, Himachal Pradesh ) commands views of the Himalayan slopes rising against the blue sky embellished with silvery white clouds on a clear day. The wooden interior of the 40-seat restaurant is lighted with glass lamps decorated with glazed blue tile pieces. The simple wooden tables are topped with bright color square tiles- green, mustard, maroon and dark yellow. Decoration is minimal with just a bunch of plastic flowers arranged in a metal vase on each table.

We had lunch at the pure vegetarian restaurant during September-October 2009. The service was courteous and prompt but the food was bland. The menu comprised Russian (INR 90.00) and continental (INR 70.00) breakfast; Russian delicacies- carrot salad (INR 30.00), soups, baked vegetables and stuffed pancakes; Indian dishes- paneer bhurji (cottage cheese), mix vegetable (INR 60.00), tawa roti (Indian bread) (INR 5.00 per piece) and green salad; and Himachali and Tibetan items- siddu, momo, fried rice and chowmein (noodles). 


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