Monkeys are a Menace to People Walking to Jakhu Temple

rp_Monkey.pngA walk to the Jakhu Temple is quite popular in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh,India. However, monkeys are real spoilsport. If monkeys are not offered eatables, it can snatch anything from passersby / walkers. If monkeys find nothing to snatch, these creatures try to search your pockets and hold onto your clothes unless given something.

I also took walking trail instead of road to visit the temple and fell prey to these notorious monkeys. One of these little creatures snatched my spectacles while I almost reached to the temple. An opportunistic vendor of prasad (sweets offered to god) threw a very small packet of mithi phuliya towards the monkey that threw away my specs and grabbed the packet. I collected my specs and moved a step further to say thank you to the vendor, who demanded ten bucks for one or two-rupee stuff.


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