Permit FAQs for High Altitude Day Driving Adventure to Rohtang Pass


Permit for a high altitude day driving adventure to Rohtang Pass

July 19, 2014. Rohtang Pass and its environs on a rainy day. Winter snow and ice have not completely melted yet.


Tourists planning a high altitude day driving adventure to the Rohtang Pass need a permit from Kullu District Administration. They can get the permit online on the first come, first served basis for the day adventure in Himachal Pradesh.

Here are 14 FAQs about the permit process:

1. How many permits are issued daily?

National Green Tribunal (NGT) / District Administration defines the daily permit quota.

At the time of writing the post, the daily permit limits were fixed as below:

  • 400 diesel vehicles
  • 800 petrol vehicles


2. What is the cost of a permit?

Cost of permit includes

  • Permit fee
  • Congestion charge

The vehicles crossing Gulaba Bridge have to pay congestion charge on daily basis for a return journey.

Both the fee and charge depend on the class of vehicle.


Rohtang Pass Permit Cost


3. Is the fee refundable?



4. What is the online payment mode?

  • Credit Card
  • Net Banking


5. What is the validity of the permit?

Each tourist permit is valid for a return day drive (Manali – Rohtang Pass – Manali).


6. Which documents are required for the permit application?

  • An authentic identity proof
  • An authentic pollution under check (PUC) certificate
  • A vehicle age proof: the vehicle shall not be older than ten years.


7. Can tourists check permit availability online?


They can enter the travel date at and find the available slots.


8. When can I collect the permit online?

An online permit is issued only if the payment gateway delivers Payment Confirmation Response receipt.

The following two slots have been fixed:

Half of the daily quota vehicles gets the permit at 10:00 hrs and the remaining half gets the permit at 16:00 hrs.

Tourists can print the permit after successful payment.


9. How to reprint the permit?

Permit can be reprinted by entering Permit Number or Permit Date and Vehicle Number online.


10. Can tourists verify the permits online?


Tourists can verify permits online,


11. How many permits can a vehicle obtain in a week?

Each vehicle is eligible for only two permits per week.


12. Can the tourists visit the pass any day of the week?


Tuesday is the maintenance day. So no vehicles are allowed at the pass on Tuesday.


13. Can tourists apply for the permit in advance?

They can apply for the permit just six days in advance from the date of the application.

For example, a tourist can apply for the permit to visit the pass on July 13 (Travel Date) on July 7 (Application Date). S/he cannot apply before July 7 for this travel date.


14. Which information is required at the time of application?

Here is the checklist for filling the online permit application:

Travelers’ Information

  • Rohtang Travel / Visit Date
  • Mobile number: Provide a valid number because OTP used to generate permit will be sent to this number. The permit SMS will also be sent to this number.
  • Travelers’ identity proof: Type (Aadhar, Driving License, EPIC, Passport, Official ID, or PAN) and Number
  • Location, i.e. Rohtang
  • Total number of travelers
  • Name of the driver
  • Identity proof of the driver: Driving License
  • Driver’s driving license number

Vehicle Information

  • Vehicle number
  • Seating capacity of the vehicle: 1 to 35
  • PUC information: Name of the issuing authority. Validity of the certificate
  • Type of fuel: diesel, petrol
  • Type of vehicle: bus, car, jeep…
  • Vehicle Registration date
  • Category of vehicle: HRTC, official, taxi…


Tourist information on the permit shall match the original documents that are examined at the various check points along the driving route. If a mismatch, deliberate or not, is found, the permit holder (s) will not be allowed to go further.

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