Rent a Car from Him-Anchal Taxi Operators Union, as a Driver Makes or Mars the Road Trip

rp_HPTaxi1.pngWe rented a Maruti 800 from Him-Anchal Taxi Operators Union’s Patlikul office for several day trips within Kullu district during July-August 2010. We were lucky that Krishan was our driver. Krishan, a middle-aged knowledgeable, decent and skillful driver, made our traveling pleasant. His vehicle was clean and well-maintained. He was a clean man without an air of arrogance and rudeness. You may wonder why we are emphasizing on cleanliness of the driver. We have traveled by taxis many times, but most of the time drivers were stinking, especially of cigarette smoke, which is unbearable, especially for non-smokers. That stink does not just stay with the driver. It spreads in the entire vehicle and irritates the nose and the brain of all car occupants. He was quite accommodating.

He drove smoothly without giving any jerks. His refined driving skills were worth an applaud when he minimized jerks even on the rough, broken and bumpy road leading to Malana. So, we felt happy and safe sitting in his car. The rental rates were also reasonable. For instance, we paid INR 2,000.00 for one-day return trip to Malana from Katrain. The Union has fixed rates for the popular itineraries, but you can create your own itineraries. TheUnionoffers different vehicles ranging from Maruti Vans for group budget travelers to Toyoto Qualis for tourists with big purses.

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