A Review of HRTC’s Himsutra AC Bus Plying from Chandigarh to Mandi

The Himsutra AC Bus


How to travel to Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

State government run Himsutra AC bus for Chandigarh-Manali journey


Where to keep luggage in Chandigarh-Mandi Himsutra AC bus

Spacious luggage storage space on the side of the Himsutra AC bus. You have to pay INR 10 to the porter who arranges the luggage in the space. The bus also has a pair of luggage rack that runs over the seats.


Seats in Himsutra AC bus plying between Chandigarh and Mandi in Himachal Pradesh

Clean comfortable push back seats with legrest and footrest


Facilities in Mandi bound Himsutra AC bus run by HRTC

A switchless socket for charging mobiles is installed on the side of the bus near footrest of every seat.


Amenities in Manali bound Himsutra AC bus

Video in the bus. I personally do not like to watch videos in a moving bus. But many people like it. So HRTC provides videos in some of its buses. The bus conductor controls the content of the video. On March 23, the bus had many young people who wanted to see movies of their favorite contemporary stars like Aamir Khan… But the conductor started an old movie of Amitabh Bachaan. The passengers complained, “Bhaiya, why do you play these old movies. Koi nai movie dikhao. (Play some new movies instead of same old movies.)” The conductor snapped, “Purni dekho. Nai bhul jaogey. (Watch this old movie. You will forget the new movies.)” The old movie continued for a while. But later on, the conductor gave up to the demand for new movies. He played PK. And most of them were happy.

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