A Review of HRTC’s Himsutra AC Bus Plying from Chandigarh to Mandi

Harabagh, The Lunch Point of Himsutra AC Bus


Food served at roadside eateries along Chandigarh-Mandi bus route

A young chef cooks tandoori roti at a roadside eatery in Harabagh, the lunch point of the bus


Chandigarh-Bharatgarh-Harabagh-Mandi bus journey

Tandoori roti at the roadside eatery in Harabagh that also has a fruit shop for bananas, grapes, oranges, and other seasonal fruits and vegetables


Lunch point of HRTC Himsutra AC bus linking Chandigarh to Mandi

Kitchen of the roadside eatery in Harabagh

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