Shabby Shimla Youth Hostel

Double bed room in Youth Hostel Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

If you are looking for a budget hotel in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, do not stay at Shimla Youth Hostel (YH) located in an old house on a narrow street.

I booked a deluxe room for one night stay during May 2006 in advance, but I was given a dingy room without any windows. One of the doors of the room opened into another room, which was occupied by another guest. It was not safe to share a connecting room with a stranger. So, I insisted that my room should be changed.

I was allotted another room at the first floor. Although this room opened in a kind of common area, it had only one door and a wide window. This deluxe room was well lighted and airy, but it was shabby as you can see on pictures. One wall was covered with ugly mold. Non-functional TV remote had dirty empty slots instead of buttons. I could not operate television even once. Water jug was dirty. Quilt was without the case. Many tiles of the staircase were broken and loose. Cramped reception was manned by unprofessional staff. Unfortunately, I paid INR 726.00 (US$ 15.61, ₤ 9.44, € 10.45) for a night I spent at the hostel. I reached at the hostel in late evening and had to catch an early morning bus next day. So, some how I spend the night there.


Double bed room in Youth Hostel Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

The hostel levies fine of INR 200.00 (US$ 4.30, ₤ 2.60, € 2.88) on ignoring prohibition on washing clothes. The prohibition was very upsetting.  Does budget travelers like to spend on laundry?

There were no signboards on the main road, so locating the hostel was difficult.

I completed all checkout formalities previous night. However, when I got down around 5:00 am next morning, all staff was fast asleep. The staff were covered with blankets from head to toe. Waking them up and getting the gate opened took about twenty minutes. Another annoyance.

Self-service that is based on three basic principles-convenience, discount and speed is the pivot of a budget accommodation. Neither prohibition of self-laundry nor appointment of apathetic staff complies with the principles.

Does budget lodging imply filthy accommodation?

Of course not! Cleanliness is the first thing for any kind of hotel.

Final Verdict

I would neither stay here again nor recommend the hostel to you. Try other hostels / budget hotels. 






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