Soak up the snow in Gulaba

 Where to travel 

The craze for “snow” destinations is common among people hailing from “non-snow” cities/towns/villages. Touching and feeling snow is an adventure for them. Many of them want easily accessible “snow” destinations and prefer physically less demanding snow activities like gliding, walking and short rides. If you are one of them, fresh white snow crystals from heaven await you in Gulaba, located beyond Kothi that is the last village of Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh (HP).

What to do & see: physical, cultural 

Gulaba, located en route Rohtang Pass (about 4,000 meters) and in north of Manali, HP, receives substantial snow during winter. You can watch snow and snowfall. Or, the travelers that are more adventurous can even enjoy tube sliding, yak and horse riding, sledging and paragliding without lugging activity-specific gear, as local travel agents provide equipment and snowsuits on rent.

The Gulaba forest of fir, poplar and spruce trees is interspersed with brown oak. Although the forest cover has declined substantially, Gulaba is still a lovely place that also draws the Indian filmmakers. For instance, recently, a movie set was built at Gulaba for the Telgu movie Badrinath. Gulaba has a camp of the Border Road Organization (BRO) that maintains the Manali-Rohtang road and a few temporary teashops. 

When to go 


How to reach 

Gulaba is about an hour’s drive from Manali (2,050 meters). You can hire a taxi or board a public bus.

Manali is about 570 kilometersfrom Delhi, the national capital of India.  



Manali offers an array of hotels to accommodate travelers with different budgets.

To book a hotel of your choice, browse the following websites:


Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC),


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