The mighty temples of Masroor in Kangra



Do you want to visit the temples of Masroor in Kangra?

Here are the tips how to reach and see the shrines.

By Public Bus

 You can board a public bus from New Kangra Bus Stand to Gaggle Bus Stand, about fifteen minutes’ ride costing INR 9 per person.

From Gaggle, board a public bus for Masroor Temple. This 1:15 hour bus ride costs INR 35 per person.

The temples are a ten minutes’ walk from the bus stand in Masroor.

Be at the Masroor bus stand at 12:45 pm to catch the return bus that starts around 01:00 pm.

All bus conductors do not issue a ticket for the fare collected.

Parihar Transport plies 2*3 seater mini buses on the route. The bus service is limited on the route.

The road between Gaggle and Masroor snakes through dense forest covering deep valleys and high mountains. The roars of rivulets and streams will reach your ears every now and then.  

On foot

  A 3-kilometer long beautiful trail connects Pir Bindli (Nagorta Suriyan) and the temples. Look around for birds while walking.  


  There are no eateries. Carry some food and water. 


Entry fee: INR 5 for an Indian visitor

Photography: Allowed

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