3 Options for Traveling from Leh to Chilling

The Leh to Chilling road consists of a part of National Highway (NH) 1D and a village road. The section of NH1D runs along the Indus River. The village road walks along the Zanskar / Zaskar River. This drive thus takes you to the confluence of the two rivers near Nimu (Nimoo) village. 

You have three travel options for your Leh to Chilling trip in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir:


1. Buses

Chilling is an offbeat adventure travel destination. So, public transport service is limited. Mini buses ply between Leh and Chilling on Wednesdays and Sundays only. The bus frequency is just one or two per day. 

Remember this limited bus service may further be cut down during non-tourist season.


2. Taxis

Taxis are available from Leh throughout the day. The cost of a two-hour Leh to Chilling taxi ride varies from INR 2,432 to 2,694 for 2014-15 season. The cost depends on the taxi model.  

If you want to return to Leh same day, the ride costs INR 3,147 to 3,487.  

During season taxis drop the trekkers at Chilling in mornings. These taxis return to Leh empty. So, you may take these taxis from Chilling for the return journey.


3. Self-driving

You can hire a bicycle or motorbike from Leh. And make this scenic drive through the Himalayas a more fulfilling experience.


Flights and Trains

Chilling neither has an airport nor railway tracks. Moreover, there are no railway tracks in Ladakh, India.



During off-season you may get some discount on the taxi fare.


Leh to Chilling Travel Fare Meter

The fare increased 8 to10% in 2014-15 fiscal year over the previous year. Here is the taxi tariff comparison for two fiscal years:

 What is the return taxi fare from Leh to Chilling in Ladakh India?




How much does a taxi cost for traveling between Leh and Chilling located in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir?

Data Source: Official rate list published by Ladakh Taxi Operators’ Co-operative Ltd., Leh.





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