61 moments and moods from Padamasambhava dance drama performed during Hemis Festival (Part 3 of 3)


Performance by Shakiya Senge during Hemis Festival Ladakh


Performance by Shakiya Senge, one of incarnates of Guru Padamasambhava. The incarnate holds a bowl with rice and vajra. His name is a combination of Sanskrit word Shakya (undefeatable) and Tibetan word Senge (lion). Guru Shakya Senge is a courageous or undefeatable lion.


Shakiya Singe, Hemis Festival Ladakh


Shakiya Singe wears yellow and red robe of a monk. His mask resembles the face of Buddha. The hairs are done in tight curls of blue color.


Performance by Senge Dadok for Hemis Festival Ladakh


Performance by Senge Dadok (The Roaring lion).  This incarnate wears a blue-black mask with one white skull reddish-yellow hairs and robe of blue brocade. He has three eyes and four fangs. He carries a piece of skull in one hand. He protected the doctrine of Buddhism from the masters who opposed it. The wrathful form nullifies negative influences.


The entourage of Senge Dadok, Hemis Festival Ladakh


One of the blue-black-masked deities from the entourage of Senge Dadok


Senge Dadok and two deities from his entourage during Hemis Festival Ladakh

Senge Dadok and two deities from his entourage present their skills in front of the guru.

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