7 Pit Stops along HPTDC Leh-Manali Bus Route

Pit stops along the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) Leh-Manali bus route offer only basic facilities. These facilities are not of high standards but you will never go hungry and thirsty. The short menus of the eateries at the stops are a mix of selected Continental, Punjabi, and Tibetan dishes. These are in fact very boring.

Here are the common dishes and combos you will find on the menus. Set meals include fried rice; rice dal veg; rice rajma veg; chowmen-noodle-soup; chapati-jam-butter; chapati omelet; and chapati with dal, rajma, and veg. You can keep yourself hydrated with mushroom, tomato, chicken, and veg soups; black, ginger, lemon, masala, and milk teas; black and milk coffee; cold drinks; and mineral water. No menu will be complete without traditional local dishes like momos, thukpa, and mok-mok. You can enhance your meals with boiled eggs for protein power, curds for a dose of calcium, and toasts for carbs. All eateries serve some kind of ready to eat (junk) snacks, including bhujia, biscuits, and chocolates.

The eateries serve food outdoors and indoors depending on weather conditions. The eateries are not stand alone food businesses. They also provide place to sleep in big sharing tents. Neither of these tents has washrooms and running water. You have to use public conveniences (if erected during the season) or open spaces. The public conveniences are poorly maintained. Some of these even do not have doors. The barren terrain does not have natural “veils / closures” that you may find in forested wilderness. So relieving yourself is a tricky business. I had no guts to click pictures of these shabby public washrooms but I have brought visuals of other facilities available in the pit stops. Browse the narrative before you plan the journey.

Upshi hotels, Ladakh

Upshi , first pit stop along the Leh-Manali bus route


where to eat in Upshi, Jammu Kashmir

A woman cooks parathas for her customers.


Breakfast in Upshi

A standard breakfast consists of a stuffed paratha, curds, rajma, and potato beans or any other seasonable vegetable curry.


Eateries in Upshi

Shelves in one of the eateries


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