Budgeting tips for accommodation in Leh


Today we will help you in budgeting for accommodation for your Leh trip. Leh has accommodations for everyone. You can choose from two types of accommodations: guesthouses and hotels. Guesthouses are divided into three classes: Upper, Medium and Economy. There are five types of hotels: Deluxe-A, A-Class, B-Class, C-Class and D-Class.

For current season, tariff of guest house ranges from INR 350.00 for single occupancy in Economy Class to  INR 550.00 for single occupancy in Upper Class. The hotel tariff varies from INR 550.00 to 4,100.00 depending on the class and meal plan. However, you have to pay extra for heating @ INR 300.00 per night, per room. You can browse the complete hotel rate list.

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