Dull dinners at Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thiksay

I had dinner at this well-maintained restaurant twice in July 2014. The food was fresh and clean. But the taste was just okay. The vegetables I ordered had small or large amount of cottage cheese, which was boring. This cheese obsession is common in India. I have observed that the cheese dishes dominate the main course dishes listed in several menus.  

The price of a bottled water was different for locals and tourists. Isn’t it unfair?  

The mid-end restaurant that closes early (9:00 pm) did not have room service.

July 6, 2014 

Around 08:00 pm, I sat in the outdoor dining space, whereas all other guests preferred the indoor space. Engrossing music played by a Tibetan filled the quietude of the indoor space. The fast wind screamed in the outdoor space. The grey clouds were ready to pounce on the earth any time. But they did not. I ordered a vegetarian kofta, veg raita, and tandoori roti. 

A pair of vegetarian koftas (INR 160 per bowl) made from beans, carrot, cottage cheese, and potatoes were placed in a thick sweet gravy. The portion was generous but koftas were bland. The food became cold very fast. 

Veg raita (INR 70 per bowl) of cucumber, onion, and tomato was sprinkled with fresh coriander. The cold curds was neither sour nor sweet. I liked the taste of fresh curds.  

The big tandoori roti (INR 20 per piece) of white flour was fat. 

Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thiksay charged two different rates for a water bottle: INR 20 per bottle (locals) and INR 30 per bottle (tourists). It was weird and annoying. What is the rationale behind this two rate policy?  

Food was served quickly.  


July 7, 2014 

It was sunny and windy. I had early dinner around 5:00 pm because it was my first meal of the day. 

Chamba spl. mix veg (INR 150 per bowl) was a combination of beans, carrot, cauliflower, and cottage cheese in bland gravy. I asked waiter why it was called special. He said that it was enhanced with dry fruits. But I did not find any dry fruits in the dish. It had a few pieces of canned papaya, pineapples, and raisins. Some bites of the dish were therefore sweet. 

Veg raita tasted good like that served yesterday. The rotis were slightly thinner than that of previous day. 

There was a service charge of 10% on the food bill.


I may eat here again because Thiksay does not have many food options.



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