Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thiksay: clean rooms in convenient location but slow service

I stayed at Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thiksay village for two nights from July 6, 2014. Even rich and famous eat and stay here because this is the only hotel in the village. For example, I saw famous Hollywood actor Richard Gere chilling out with monks in the outdoor dining space.

On 6th July, when I checked in the morning, I was told that no room was available on the first floor. However, I had an email stating that a room on the first floor had been confirmed. After seeing the email, I was given the room on the first floor. I was wondering how suddenly a room on the first floor fell vacant.  Did the receptionist tell a lie in the first place?

Sleeping area in Room 202 in Chamba Hotel and Restaurant Thiksay, Jammu and Kashmir

The Room 202 of the hotel located on the Manali-Leh Highway was spacious. Two wide glass windows let the sun and air in without interruption, making the room airy and sunny. But pretty green curtains were too thin to block bright sunrays that interfered with afternoon nap. One of the windows that opened on the secondary road offered view of the Thiksay Monastery. The other window opened on the highway side.

Seating area in Room 202 in Chamba Hotel and Restaurant Thiksey, India

Both bedside lamps of the carpeted room were functional. Out of three more lights one was fused. However, light was insufficient for reading while sitting in the sofa during night. The 2-seater sofa with cushions was accompanied by a glass table. The red carpet was clean and beautiful.

The bedside tables had drawers. A luggage holder and full-size tall cupboard were sufficient to store my stuff.

The dresser was placed in the dark corner besides the cupboard.

Most irritating part of my stay was no one answered the intercom even once. The receptionist expressed his inability to attend the phone calls due to rush of visitors attending Kalachakra 2014.

Wooden ceiling of Room 202 in Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thiksey, Leh district

The room had a traditional wooden ceiling that was clean. The walls were white.

Bathroom of Room 202 in Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thiksey

The bathroom with white grey tiles included only the basics: a bucket, 2 mugs, toilet paper, towels, travel soaps, a washbasin, a western commode, and a window. When I checked in, the flush was leaking. The geyser supplied hot water 24 hours except during power cut. The bucket and mugs were dirty.

Bathroom of Room 202 in Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thiksey

Mattress was slightly shorter than the bed. The television cabinet did not have a TV. According to the receptionist, none of the hotel rooms had TVs.

The mattress is shorter than the bed in Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thiksey, Ladakh

Since the room faced the highway, there was some noise in the night.

I returned around 4:30 pm on July 7. My room was not cleaned yet. The receptionist had two excuses. Firstly, the staff was busy because of Kalachakra ceremony. Secondly, he told that I did not request for the cleaning service in the morning. But I had requested the boy attending the reception when I handed over the room keys to him in the morning. The room was however cleaned after repeated requests while I was having dinner.

I was given 20% discount on the room tariff (INR 2,500 per day) despite the peak season. I liked it. There were enough working sockets to charge mobile phones, iPads, and / or laptops.

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