Check Out Changspa Road in Leh

Today I will take you to Changspa Road, a popular tourist location in Leh. The road is littered with travel service providers, including eateries, money exchangers, rooms, shops, and travel agents. Mentokling, one of the eateries, houses a small office of Indian Mountaineering Foundation. However, the nondescript road lacks sites worth marveling. Although it bustles with touristy activities during season, only loyal locals walk the road during October-April. Browse the photo story that starts with a place for forex and ends at the hotel for a good night’s sleep.


Foreign exchange shops in Leh

A money changer at Changsapa Road


Bakeries in Leh

Oh! Lala Sandwich Bar: German Bakery


Vegetarian Chinese eateries in Leh

Chinese Bowl: A Vegetarian Eatery


A tip for solo travelers visiting Leh

You will find several such notice boards displaying colorful papers that list vacant spaces in the latest tour packages. If you are traveling solo, you can find a spot in these pre-packaged trips and travel with other solo travelers or small group travelers.


Eateries in Changspa

Zambhala Food Corner and Restaurant on Changspa Road


Bakeries in Changspa, Ladakh

Bakeries located at Changspa Road serve a variety of rolls, breads, buns, doughnuts, croissants… But all of these have eggs. So vegetarians will hardly get any snacks from the bakeries.


Pizzas in Leh

La Piazzetta has wide screen televisions for sports lovers.


Cycling in Leh

Cyclist return to their temporary nests on Changspa.


Travel services in Changspa, Jammu Kashmir

Local travel service providers advertise their businesses on make shift notice boards.


Hotels Changspa Leh

Oriental Hotel, a mid-end hotel on Changspa Road in Leh

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