Happy World Restaurant Serves Food that Lifts Your Spirits

Happy World Restaurant, Leh, Jammu Kashmir, India


The first time I entered Happy World Restaurant on Zangsti Road in Leh on October 1, 2013, I was wondering whether I would get lunch or not as the staff was already having lunch in the empty dining hall. The waiter, a young boy, however, came to take my order. The food was ready in 15-20 minutes. Everything was fresh and hot. Not even one piece of boiled vegetable was stale. All pieces were bright, crispy, and tender. The bowl of boiled vegetables (INR 70) at least had seven vegetables: beans, capsicum, carrots, cauliflower, mushroom, onion, and peas. Pieces of lemon accompanied generous portion of the vegetable. 


Happy World Restaurant, Leh, Jammu Kashmir, India


Ten pieces of delicate steamed veg momos (INR 90) were served in a bamboo case lined with aluminum foil. The oily spicy garlic sauce complemented the momos bursting with fresh flavors of onion, capsicum, cottage cheese, and carrot. The waiter honored my request for momos without cabbage. I was very happy. 


Where to eat in Leh, Jammu Kashmir, India


Fortunately, there was no power-cut that day. I could enjoy fresh pineapple juice (INR 80 per glass) without ice. I simply gulped two glasses, as I was very thirsty.  

On October 2, three tables were occupied. Unfortunately, fresh juice was not served because of a power-cut. However, fresh salty-sweet nimbu pani (fresh lemon juice with water) (INR 20 per glass) substituted for the juice. Gravy of mix dal (lentil) fry (INR 50) was thin, but portion was more than enough. The dal tasted well. Kashmiri veg peas pulao (INR 90) consisting of basmati rice, peas, and pieces of apples, dry fruits, and pineapple was well-prepared. Pulao and dal were enough for lunch. 

On October 5, I sampled paneer bhurji (INR 110), shallow fried cottage cheese seasoned with onions, tomatoes and Indian spices. The nutritious cheese dish pleased my taste buds. However, roti (Indian bread) (INR 10 per piece) made from super refine flour was so-so. Salty-sweet nimbu pani was just perfect.



Courteous, prompt, and receptive waiter earned a tip every time I had meals at the restaurant. My hunger was satiated and the food lifted my spirits too. 


Double layer table clothes were pressed neatly. The maroon layer topped the bottom layer with maroon and white check pattern. The red plastic chairs were comfy. 

Food: Vegetarian and non-vegetarian Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai, and Tibetan

Smoking: Prohibited

Restaurant Hours: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

Opening Season: June/July-Mid Oct 

Our Verdict 

We would definitely eat at Happy World Restaurant again.


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