Is Plastic Money Acceptable in Leh?


automatic teller machines (ATMs) in leh, India

Yes. Big hotels and shops accept all major credit cards. However, small hotels, guesthouses, eateries, and shops prefer cash only. The town of Leh has a number of automatic teller machines (ATMs) for instant cash. For your quick reference, a short list of the machines follows:

Main Bazaar, Leh Town

  • Two ATMs of State Bank of India (SBI) are located opposite Chokhang Vihara. One machine is placed in a cabin with proper glass door. 
  • An ATM of Punjab National Bank (P.N.B.) is situated near Shubh Punjabi Restaurant. 
  • An ATM of HDFC Bank is also installed in the market.

Skara, Leh Town 



Skalzangling Airport Road

One ATM of SBI in Air Force Station


District Library

An ATM of Axis Bank is located opposite District Library, near Fort Road.


Mini Tourist Reception Office

  • An ATM of Jammu and Kashmir Bank is just opposite the tourist reception office. 
  • An ATM of Jammu and Kashmir Bank is near the office towards Main Bazaar.


Choglamsar Zampa Taxi Stand 

An ATM of SBI 

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