Leh Revises Inner Line Permit Guidelines for Indian Nationals

Government issued documents that can be used as Inner Line Permit to visit some parts of Leh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Office of the District Magistrate, Leh revised Inner Line Permit (I.L.P.) guidelines for the Indian nationals (http://leh.nic.in/Minutes%20of%20meeting/innerlinepermit.pdf) on April 24, 2014. As per the new guidelines, Indians need not apply for a separate I.L.P. for the following areas:


Khaltse Sub-Division (Drokanpa Area)

  • Khaltse-Domkhar-Skurbuchan-Hanudo-Biama-Dha


Nubra Sub Division

  • Leh-Khardung La-Khalsar-Hunder-Turtul-Pachathang-Tyakshi
  • Leh-Khardung La-Trith up to Panamic
  • Leh-Saboo-Digger La-Khungru Gompa-Tangyar (only for trekking)


Nyoma Sub Division

  • Leh-Karu-Chang La- Durbuk-Tangtse-Lukung-Spangmik-Man-Merak (Pangong Lake)
  • Leh-Upshi-Chumathang-Mahe-Puge-Tsomoriri-Lake-Korzok-Loma Bend

However, they should carry one of the following documents that would double as I.L.P.:


  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Driving License
  3. Election ID Card
  4. Indian Passport
  5. PAN Card
  6. Service Identity Card with photographs issued by Central or State Government or Public State Units (P.S.U.)
  7. Smart Card issued by Register General of India (R.G.I.) under National Population Register (N.P.R.)



There is no change in permit guidelines for foreign nationals.





  1. Mahesh Indurkar

    for year 2017 whether indian national require ILP to visit tso moriri, tso kar etc. When i tried to check with travel agent in Leh, he insisted that ILP is required.

    please advise.

  2. Very useful information. I didn’t know that Indians are supposed to follow a certain guideline to enter Leh.

    • Hello Renuka,

      Indians can visit Leh town without any special permission. However, they do need an Inner Line Permit (I.L.P.) to visit some parts of Leh district. The government has made some changes to the I.L.P. guidelines for upcoming season.

      Happy Travels!

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