Seven Problems Due to Power Cuts in Leh

In Leh (India), limited power hours interrupts internet-based activities and supply of fresh juices.

Power cuts are not uncommon in Leh. The cuts are sometimes short and sometimes long, say five to six hours in tandem. Thus, you may face the following problems during the cuts: 

1)      Diesel-run generators, a common sight in Leh hotels and markets, release eye-irritating smoke and cause noise pollution. 

2)      Hotels switch on generators only when most of the rooms are occupied. If only one or two guests are staying in the hotel, which is common in the lean season, the generators are rarely put on. 

3)      Wi-fi also stops working. The cuts therefore interrupt virtual communications, including Web surfing, email browsing, and social media networking.  

4)      Intercom in the hotel room does not work, and thereby interrupts in-room service. 

5)      If hotel does not have solar heaters or geysers, hot water supply comes to a halt. 

6)      During power cut hours, laundry does not provide full service. The laundry will wash clothes but will not iron. So be ready to wear crumpled clothes.  

7)      Restaurants do not serve items requiring electric gadgets such as fresh fruit juices and milk shakes. 


Schedule your power-based activities accordingly. Don’t forget to finish all these activities when electricity is available.


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