Seven Vegetarian Restaurants in Leh Town

Dry apricot juice served at Chansa, Leh, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India
We spotted seven pure vegetarian restaurants in Leh town and sampled food at five of these restaurants during September-October 2013.

1.     Neha Snacks

Neha Snacks, located in Main Bazaar, serves spicy food for Punjabi palates. The eatery offers à la carte menu, set meals, and chats. A set meal consisting of rajama (kidney beans) and chawal (rice), for example, costs INR 80. A tandoori roti (flat Indian bread) costs just INR 10.

2.     Shubh Punjabi Restaurant

Shubh Punjabi Restaurant is situated adjacent Punjab National Bank (P.N.B.) ATM in Main Bazaar. We sampled aloo paratha (stuffed flat Indian bread) with curds (INR 20 per piece) and liked it. The menu features north Indian style food.

3.     Punjab and Punjabi Rasoi

In Main Bazaar, the Rasoi also has a Punjabi menu enhanced with a few south Indian dishes. Highlight of the menu is half serving option. Thus, a solo guest can enjoy variety and avoid wastage associated with full elaborate set meals and full servings.  The rates are reasonable: INR 50 for ½ yellow dal, INR 50 for ½ rajma, INR 40 for ½ aloo zeera, and INR 10 per piece of tandoori roti.



These three restaurants serve deliciously spicy Punjabi food in their dark small dining spaces that are extremely popular among locals as well as tourists. During meal times, waiting for a table is therefore quite common. Mouthwatering north Indian chats and sweets such as aloo tikki and dahi bhala and piping hot jalebi and gulab jamun are perfect for snacks or mini meals and desserts respectively. For instance, buy dahi bhala with tandoori rotis or steamed rice for lunch or dinner.


4.     Chansa: Traditional Ladakhi Kitchen with Pure Vegetarian Organic Food

Chansa, also in Main Bazaar, serves a few unique local drinks such as dry apricot (INR 30 per glass) and fresh seabuckthorn juice (INR 30 per glass). Another highlight of the menu is a separate potato section featuring rosemary roasted potatoes (INR 40), mashed potatoes with cheese, and hash brown potatoes. You can also order Ladakhi dishes, pizzas, rice preparations, and tawa rotis. Chansa serves food indoor and outdoor. The indoor dining space is airy and well-lit.

5.     My Secret Recipe Café

The café on Zangsti Road is perfect for any vegetarian having a sweet tooth. The café serves rich eggless cakes. A piece of carrot cake costs INR 50.

6.     Tenzin Dickey Tibetan Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

You can sample Tibetan food such as noodles at Tenzin located on Fort Road.

7.     Govil Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Govil on Changspa Road was closed during our visit. We thus do not know anything about the menu.




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