So-so Food at Moon Land Restaurant

Moon Land Restaurant, Fort Road, Leh, Jammu and kashmir, India

Well-lit Moon Land at Fort Road in Leh serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian food, including Ladakhi dishes. 

We had dinner at family-run Moon Land on September 18, 2013. We did not find anything to rave about this ordinary eatery with indoor and outdoor spaces.  A glimpse of the menu revealed more vegetarian choices than that in other restaurants. However, when we ordered bhindi masala (fried spicy lady finger) we were apprised of non-availability of the dish. We selected veg handi (₹ 70 per bowl) and ma ki dal (₹ 60 per bowl). Both the dishes had same gravy that was bland. The handi did not even have salt. 

On the contrary, the food was fresh and hot. Tava chapattis (₹ 10 per piece) were done well, fully puffed up. Green salad (₹ 60 per plate) made from fresh pieces of carrot, cucumber, onion, tomato, and lemon was refreshing. The cook was receptive. He prepared the salad without radish on our request. The portions were enough. 

The waiter was careless and least courteous. While cleaning the table, he dropped a soiled spoon on my dress unintentionally. But he did not say sorry. 

Moon Land charged ₹ 20 for a bottle of water, two rupees more than the maximum retail price (M.R.P.). 

The restaurant like many other travel businesses in the town closed on September 30 for the autumn and winter seasons. 

Our Verdict 

We avoided the restaurant during our nineteen-day stay in Leh.




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