Thali Dance: 5 Photos from Ladakh Festival

Young woman dancers from Kukshow (Koksho) village located in Shakar-Chiktan block in Kargil performed thali dance during Ladakh Festival 2013. They picked a simple daily use item, a deep food plate of metal, as a prop. The women sang and danced. They clapped the plates as if playing cymbols. The plates did not fall even through repeated rounds of the wrist acrobatics. Many times the dancers looked into the plates as if looking into the mirror.

Thali dance is not exclusive tradition of Ladakh. Different versions of the thali dance are performed across India.

A fair weather road connects Kukshow and Chitkan. According to legends, Gasho Thatha Khan, a prominent Dard ruler, set up Kukshow that is also known for its rich folk heritage. The valley of Shakar-Chitkan is located between the Suru (Sankpo) and Indus valleys.

Watch a mini slideshow from Ladakh Festival.

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