The Room 201 of Pangong Hotel


Reivew of Room 201, Pangong Hotel, Leh, india


We booked the hotel room one and a half months in advance and specially requested for a room with an independent balcony. We were also promised by Mr. Purna Rana, hotel manager. We paid the desired amount of advance as well. However, we were allotted the room without a balcony, Room 201. 

We reminded him of the promise he made while booking. He asked us why we were particular about the balcony when the room faces a big terrace. We insisted. He said that the room with balcony was not vacant. It would become vacant next day and then we can shift. But the guest in the room with balcony extended the stay for a day on the pretext of a cancelled flight. So we did not get the room with balcony even on September 19. 


Pangong Hotel (Leh) review


Lots of fresh air and natural light had easy access to the spacious room equipped with all the basics. However, one of the two big windows afforded views of the construction material and labor working on The Auspicious Hotel’s terrace. The second wide window overlooked the sunny terrace of Pangong Hotel. The terrace appointed with bamboo chairs and tables doubled as a lounge and sunbathing area for the guests. So we could not open either of the windows due to lack of privacy. It was a disappointment. 

The door overlooked the two wooden chairs with cushions, a center table, and a TV cabinet. The room wrapped around the front corner of the hotel building had wooden flooring and a rectangular bathroom on the end. Next to the bathroom a wooden cupboard was placed. A dressing mirror was exactly opposite the bathroom door.


Room 201, Pangong Hotel, Leh, india


The bright clean bathroom featured a shower, western commode, and 24-hour water supply. But the plastic bucket and mug were dirty. The toiletries comprised a shampoo and soap.  Two single quilts and one double quilt were sufficient for the autumn nights. Some towels were clean others were not. Every day a new design was made with towel to decorate the bed, a nice gesture. 


Room 201, Pangong Hotel, Leh, india



Room 201, Pangong Hotel, Leh, india


The narrow double bed had two bedside lamps. A bed-side table supported an intercom. The room featured plenty of sockets for modern gadgets such as mobile, iPad, and laptop. But lighting arrangement was not enough for reading in the night.


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