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Aloo Chat, Thiksey Monastery Restaurant

Aloo Chat by Thiksey Monastery Restaurant

We snacked in Thiksey Monastery Restaurant on September 23, 2013. We sampled aloo chat made from boiled potatoes, onions, green chilies, tomatoes, and lime. A quarter plate, costing INR 70, was generously filled with delicious and fresh ingredients. The spicy chat was prepared in true North Indian style.

We also ordered tomato (INR 60 per bowl) and veg (INR 60 per bowl) soups. Hot soups tasted good. 

Service and Interior

Service was prompt. There was nothing unique about the ambience. However, the eatery was clean and free of flies. The customers were mainly travelers and tourists visiting the monastery.

The restaurant comprised of indoor and outdoor dining areas. This ordinary eatery was equipped with wooden and plastic furniture. The tables were dressed in tablecloths with a pattern of white and blue checks. Other than that, there were no decorations.

Menu and Price 

The white color menu in a plastic folder consisted of a number of sections: Chat, Continental, Desserts, Indian Bread, Indian dishes, Italian Pasta, Pancakes, Rice, Salads, Sandwiches and Snacks, Soups, Starters, and Tibetan Dishes. The menu had egg dishes but no meat fare.

In Indian terms, this mid-end eatery quenches thirst, satiates appetite, and replenishes energy. Both set and a la carte meal options are available. A veg thali, a set meal, costs INR 150 per person. Plain rice costs INR 50 per plate. Service charge (10%) is extra.

Our Verdict: 

We will definitely eat at the restaurant again.

After climbing steep stairs, praying in multiple temples, and clicking pictures, if you are hungry and tired, order light snacks or full meals depending on your appetite.


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