Visit Hall of Fame in Leh to Gather Sparks of Patriotism

Things to see and do in Leh, Jammu Kashmir, India

If you are visiting Leh in Jammu and Kashmir, India, you should spend at least half an hour at Hall of Fame to recharge your patriotism that is a need of hour. The Hall of Fame complex on National Highway 1 (NH 1) near Air Force Station is a tribute to intrepid soldiers who defended the mountainous borders of our country irrespective of the size and type of mental and physical challenges. The well-maintained complex comprises a memorial, museum, and cafe.  

The open air memorial with a backdrop of the Stok Range is located behind the museum. 

The two-level museum comprises a souvenir shop and small rooms and galleries focusing on various civilian and non-civilian aspects of the Ladakh region. 

History of Ladakh Scouts room exhibits pictures of brave Indian soldiers who served in high altitude battlefields known for inclement weather and hostile conditions and laid down their lives for the country. Each exhibit consists of a portrait of the soldier and the narrative of his invaluable contribution to the country. The bilingual profiles of the soldiers are in Hindi and English. 

A full wall supports photographs of young fearless soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect the inaccessible northern mountainous border of the country, narrates their heroic deeds, and describes their achievements. 

Operational Logistic Support Gallery at the ground floor displays fighter helicopter and plane models including MI-8, AN-32, and MIG-29. 

Defence Institute of High Altitude Research room features

  • Equipment used for processing and preserving locally produced fruits like apricots and nectarines, and related information
  • Photographs of various types of apricots grown in the region
  • Images of Zaskar ponies that adapt well to the high altitude 

The weapon gallery at the first floor displays arms and ammunition such as a 60 mm mortar unit, 7.62 mm rifle AK-47, and maps of the battlefields. 

High altitude warfare room at the first floor showcases helicopter models, dehydrated food, photographs of high altitude camps, clothing for mountaineering, and climbing gear used by high altitude soldiers. 

A small gallery between these two rooms at the first floor features various insignia from the Indian Army.

Other Exhibits

  • A colorful relief model of Ladakh region is displayed near the entrance.
  • An information kiosk at the entrance
  • Ancient documents discovered from the region
  • Churn, a cylindrical wooden utensil used for preparing gur gur that is a special tea made from milk, sugar, sweet soda, tea, and yak butter.
  • Dolls showing local lifestyle and representing communities from different parts of the region, including Changthang
  • Images of fauna and flora found in the region and the brief description
  • Leather halters (thorgo) with brass decorations
  • Local dresses
  • Molds of paws of carnivores such as bear, Eurasian lynx, snow leopard, and wolf
  • Photographs of scenic places in the region
  • Useful geographical information about the region

Souvenir Shop in the rear of the museum sells woolen shawls and local handicrafts.


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Documentary Room shows short documentaries (10-30 minutes) covering the Kargil War (Operation Vijay) and 14 Corps.

Entry Fee

INR 10 per person for Indians

INR 50 per person for foreigners


Camera Fee: INR 50 per person (Yellow color ticket)

Opening Hours

9:00 am to 7:00 pm





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