Hike in charges levied on Sikkim forest facilities

Do you wish to visit reserve forests located in Sikkim?


It has a cost.

Recently, the Sikkim Forest, Environment and Wildlife Management Department (Gangtok) revised and increased the fee to use facilities available in the reserve forests. Take into account the following while budgeting:

As per notification (October 2010) of the department (http://www.sikenvis.nic.in/docs/Notifications/Revised%20Rates%202010.pdf) , all three a camper, picnicker and traveler, who wish to visit one of the reserve forests, have to shell out more.

If you want to camp in the forest, add tent pitching fee of  INR100.00 per tent, per day  to the travel budget. However, make sure that you pitch the tent in designated campsite only.

If you are planning a picnic in a reserve forest, you have to pay a fee of INR 25.00 per person, per day.

If you want to stay in a forest rest house, you have to pay one hundred Indian rupees more, an increase of 50%. Thus, the current room tariff aggregates INR 300.00 per day. Sikkimhas over twenty forest rest houses. For booking accommodation contact Forest Secretariat in Deorali (Gangtok), Sikkim (http://www.sikenvis.nic.in/index.html)  for details.

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