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Many mountaineers prefer alpine style climbing expeditions. If you are one of those, the peaks with an altitude of approximately 6,000 meters in the Sikkim Himalaya welcome you. You can choose from the following five alpine peaks that have been graded to give an idea about challenges involved:

Brumkhangse: 5,635 meters, D grade, Yumthang in North Sikkim

FreyPeak: 5,830 meters, AD+ grade, Chaurigang (ChaunrikiangValley) inWest Sikkim

Lama Wangden: 5,868 meters, AD grade, Lachen in North Sikkim

Mount Joponu: 5,932 meters, D+ grade, Thansing Valley, West Sikkim

Mount Tinchenkang: 6,010 meters, D grade, Thansing Valley, West Sikkim

Peak grades 

Grade D (Difficult) means long stretches of ice, rock and/or snow requiring considerable climbing skills.

Grade AD (Fairly Difficult) implies long ice and / or snow slopes with more than 50-degree angle and steep rocks, making climbing more difficult.

Grade AD+ (More Difficult) involves negotiating technically difficult patches of ice and snow.

Grade D+ (Very Difficult) peak expeditions require technical climbing on all sorts of terrain.

Climbing permission and royalty

Like other peaks, you have to seek permission to climb these peaks and pay peak royalty. As of 2010, the royalty follows:

A royalty of US$ 500.00 is levied on a foreign team consisting of up to four (4) members. The foreign team of up to eight (8) members has to pay US$ 700.00. The royalty of US$ 100.00 per additional member is levied on a team of more than eight (8) climbers.

The royalty for domestic expeditions amounts to INR 15,000.00 for a team consisting of eight (8) mountaineers. Thereafter, every extra member has to pay INR 1,500.00 towards royalty.

Local mountaineers are the luckiest, because they pay just INR 5,000.00 for a team of eight (8) members. Every extra member has to pay INR 500.00 only.

Number of alpine expeditions 

There is a limit on number of alpine expeditions allowed every year: four (4) domestic and six (6) foreign expeditions.  Download the forms for booking the peak.

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