A Race to Bedni on Long Weekend

Are your heart and knees in perfect shape? 


Then make the most of long weekends that adorn 2014 calendar. Run in high altitude terrain because running in the lofty mountains lifts adventure travelers’ spirits. 

Wear your running shoes, pack your knapsack, and try to run up to Bedni Bugyal from Wan (2,400 meters) / Lohagunj (2,350 meters) in Chamoli, Uttarakhand. This steep ascent would require proper acclimatization if you really want a blissful experience.

Befitting the meaning of the word “bugyal (“a garden created by nature” in local language),” Bedni bugyal (3,550 meters), a rolling meadow, is a home to medicinal plants and wild flowers. The Bedni kund (pond), where religiously inclined people take a bath, beautifies the meadow. A small temple in its neighborhood is the venue for libation to ancestors (tarpan). Bedni is the last destination for short annual Nanda Raj Jat that starts from Kurad in August. The meadow dresses up in a virgin white dress during winter. The bugyal is also one of the main stopovers of long Nanda Raj Jat that takes place once in twelve years.


Bedini Kund in Bedini meadow located in Chamoli, Uttarakhand



Views from Bedni

Nanda Ghunti (6,390 meters)

The trident of Lord Shiva: Trishul I (7,120 meters), Trishul II (6,690 meters), and Trishul III (6,008 meters)


Trek Routes

You have three options to run or trek up to Bedni: 

Route 1:

Day 1: Wan-Rankidhar-Garoli Patal-Bedni (12 km)

Day 2: In Bedni

Day 3: Bedni-Wan (12 km) 

Rankidhar offers lovely views of lush slopes of the Himalayas. Many of these slopes are inhabited. The stepped fields around the houses therefore gives a feeling of being at home. The tree line ends at Garoli Patal where you can have close view of tall surai trees.

Route 2:

Day 1: Lohaganj- Raun Bagad/Kulling Village-Didana (2,450 meters)

Day 2: Didana – Tolpani – Ali Bugyal-Bedni Bugyal / Didana – Ali Bugyal -Bedni

Day 3: Bedni-Ali Bugyal-Didana-Lohaganj

Ali bugyal (3,300 meters) to the east of Bedni Bugyal affords views of the Badrinath Range, Chaukhamba (7,138 meters), and Neelkanth (6,597 meters).



Combination of the above two routes: Go via route 1 and return via route 2 or vice versa.


Best Season

Mid May to end of June (You may get some snow in Bedni)

Mid-September to End of October

You can do this at the end of August if (1) you like the rains and the associated challenges and (2) you are not a keen photographer. Because the rains bring its dear friend fog along, veiling the lovely landscape.


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