Budget accommodation amid Himalayan forests

If you are planning to explore forests of Garhwal and Kumaon Himalaya, you can stay in forest rest houses (FRHs) managed by the Forest Department Uttarakhand. The department offers over 200 affordable FRHs located across the state. Many of these FRHs occupy heritage buildings. Highlights of these lodges include spacious guestrooms with high ceilings and wooden construction. However, do not expect modern amenities. Some FRHs do not even have electricity, while in some you may find LPG for cooking and geysers for hot water.

Some of these are located along popular trekking routes, such as Loharkhet FRH on the Pindari Glacier trekking route and Agora and Dodital FRHs on the Dodital trekking routes. FRH room tariff depends on season. During peak tourist season (December 20 to January 1, April 15 to June 30 and September-October), tariff varies from INR 75.00 (US$1.50, €1.09, £0.93) to INR 600.00 (US$11.98, € 8.72, £7.47) per night. In the remaining part of the year, the rent ranges between INR 75.00 and INR 400.00 (US$7.99, €5.81, £4.98) per night. Get more details about Himalayan forest rest houses.

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