Survival Skill 2: How to Avoid Frostbite

Survival Skill 2: How to Avoid Frostbite


Many of us await white winter every year to play in snow, make snowmen, glide in snow, and trek in snow for fun. But these adventures could be dangerous if some precautions are not taken. Theme of the survival skill 2 is one of the major problems associated with the winter adventures: Frostbite. We have listed several useful steps that you can take to avoid frostbite and enjoy the winter holidays: 

Never Miss Meals

  • Eat adequate amount of nutritious food irrespective of the altitude. Especially, at high altitude many loose appetite. But missing meals will deplete energy that keeps you warm and active. Body heat and uninterrupted blood circulation will protect you against the deadly frostbite. So eat regularly.
  • Hydrate yourself. Consume enough liquids.
  • Do not consume drugs and liquor. 

Cover Yourself Carefully

  • Cover yourself properly to avoid exposure to cold winds and sub-zero temperatures. Wear dry loose clothes that can keep you warm in this temperature. Wear suitable gloves. Cover head and face.
  • Moisture and wind increase loss of body heat during winter. To minimize the impact of moisture and wind, wear well ventilated clothes of insulating fabrics. These clothes will let the perspiration evaporate and provide required warmth.
  • Do not wear wet clothes for long.
  • Do not wear tight clothes, gloves, and boots to ensure proper blood circulation. 

Sleep Under Suitable Shelter

  • Do not sleep in open, especially in high altitude.
  • Retain body heat. Loss of heat facilitates onset of frostbite. 

Examine Extremities

  • Examine your ears, fingers, nose, and toes for the first signs of the frostbite. 

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