Where to Hire Mountaineering Equipment in New Delhi

rp_Rucksuck1.png   The Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) (http://www.indmount.org/Revised%20Rates%20for%20higher%20charges%20of%20equipment.doc) boasts an extensive mountaineering equipment inventory consisting of carabineers, climbing shoes, imported down jackets, Indian rucksacks, etc. The foundation offers equipment on rent for a reasonable price and on first come, first served basis. As of April 2011, security deposit ranges from INR 300.00 for a rock piton to INR 20,000.00 for an imported sleeping bag. The equipment rental includes maintenance and dry cleaning / washing charges. For instance, maintenance charge and dry cleaning / washing charge for a down pant amount to INR 100.00 and INR 150.00 respectively. For some items, including Indian gaiter (INR 10.00) and Indian rucksack (INR 30.00), you have to pay just maintenance fee. You can even rent water bottles with security deposit of INR 1,000.00. However, maintenance charge for the water bottle is just ten rupees.


  1. Swapan Kumar Datta

    I along with two others going for climbing in Austrian Alps in 1st week of August 2018. We need to hire three pair of climbing boots from your foundation. Will you please let me know the detail procedure (including the price) at the earliest, so that I can have the opportunity to avail the same from you. I am staying in Gurgaon. We are leaving India on 6th August night and returning back on 24th August night.

    I shall wait for your reply at the earliest.


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