Budget accommodation in H.P.

rp_HPForestRestHouses.pngIf you love sweet smell of forests and wet earth, and like to share natural habitat of wildlife, stay in forest rest houses (F.R.Hs) or inspection huts (I.Hs) located across Himachal Pradesh (H.P.). These accommodations are very affordable, though less in number compare to modern hotels. However, there are scenic destinations devoid of hotels. In these areas, only lodging option is a forest rest house, inspection hut or camping ground. The number of rooms in F.R.Hs varies from one (1) to five (5). You can browse the district-wise list of F.R.Hs and I.Hs in Himachal Pradesh. The list also contains the booking office’s address. Select the F.R.H. and contact the booking office.


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