A Short Walk to Anjani Mahadev from Solang

A shrine that does not accept physical and monetary offerings from the visitors is unusually clean, but not calm. Because the visitors come to Anjani Mahadev on foot, horses, or modern polluting Powersports 4-wheelers even during autumn when it’s partly brown and partly green. Some thrill seekers, especially snow lovers, even visit during December when the sky wraps Solang earth in new moist white fabric. The fabric feeds the water table. The fabric lets earthy wombs rest.

A dedicated 2-kilometer-long track connects Solang and Anjani so that thrill seekers could get a high, nature lovers could communicate with nature, and pilgrims could communicate with the deities easily.

The nature surprises all three categories of the visitors during winter when a tall and big snow shivling forms at Anjani. That is why it is sometimes called the Amarnath of Kullu. But the layers of snow covering the track and the neighborhood make the walk difficult and demanding. The sharp icicles hanging from the huge rocks sheltering the shrine complex add up to both beauty and danger.

Anjani Mahadev Trail in Autumn: A Photo Story

(Photography in November 2016)


Anjani Mahadev Walk in Solang

Solang. Anjani Mahadev walk starts from Solang where local horsemen offer horse rides up to the shrine for unwilling walkers. The visitors who do not want to walk can also hire open 4-wheelers, parked on right side of the road in the image.


Anjani Temple in Kullu

A huge rock along the trail. The visitors love to pose next to the rock for selfies.


Anjani on horseback

A couple rides horses to pay visit to Anjani, the wife of Hindu god Hanuman, and Shiva, another Hindu god.


Getting There

Bus schedule and the fare as of November 2016

• Manali ISBT – Solang buses start at 6:30 am, 9:30 am, 10:30 am, and 2:00 pm.
• Solang – Manali buses start at 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm.
• Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) bus fare amounts to INR 17 per passenger. Carry change otherwise you will end up paying INR 20, three rupees extra per passenger (about 18% extra).

An auto rickshaw takes INR 300 for one side trip, i.e. Manali – Solang (as of November 2016).


Anjani Mahadev shrine

Anjani Mahadev Temple


Anjani Mahadev Ashram and Shivling

(L to R) Ashram of Anjani Mahadev in metamorphosed rocks of the Himalayas. A staircase leads to shivling.


A selfie point along Anjani Trail

A young couple amid the boulder strewn mountain stream takes a selfie along the Anjani Mahadev trail.


3 Means to Visit Anjani

1. An hour’s walk at leisure pace
2. Official rate for a horse ride is INR 550. But the horsemen ask for INR 750. Do bargain.
3. The 4-wheeler ride to Anjani costs INR 1,200 for two (As of November 2016).


Reasons to walk Anjani trail

An old couple dresses up like locals and poses for a photo along the Anjani walk.


Anjani in a 4-wheeler

Broad polluting noisy petrol vehicles await clients seeking a ride to Anjani or in nearby wilderness.


Breakfast at Solang

A freshly cooked aloo paratha served with fresh curds at one of the restaurants in Solang

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