Street Food from Manali

Manali, the tourist hotspot in Himachal Pradesh, serves several types of popular Indian street foods. For example, tiny gulab jamuns. If you have sweet tooth, tiny gulab jamuns are good for you. Their small size helps in limiting portions and enjoying the famous dessert without compromising health.

Gulab jamun is an Indian fried sweet made from dried milk (khoya), refine flour, and sugar. The dried milk dumplings are soaked in sugar syrup before being served. Some food historians believe that the sweetmeat is a derivative of a sweet dough ball cooked in Persia and other Middle Asian countries.

Do you know another meaning of gulab jamun?  The trees that bear small round deep purple fruits are also called gulab jamun (rose apple). These fruits with sharp taste leave color on your hands. They are used to make wine and jam. For example, jamaun, java plum, prune…

Street food from Manali, Himachal Pradesh

A gulab jamun seller on The Mall Road in Manali


Street food from Manali, Indian Himalayas

Tiny gulab jamuns, a street food sold in Manali

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