61 moments and moods from Padamasambhava dance drama performed during Hemis Festival (Part 3 of 3)


Performance by five heroines during Hemis Festival Ladakh


The heroines dance in front of the guru during Hemis Festival Ladakh.


Guru Padamasambhava at Hemis Festival Ladakh


Guru Padamasambhava, the first incarnation shows his powers. The blue-masked guru holds two vajras (thunderbolts) and wears a 5-jewel lotus tiara. He moved the wheel of Dharma to destroy evils.


The blue-masked incarnation, Guru Padamasambhava, during Hemis Festival Ladakh


The blue-masked incarnation, Guru Padamasambhava


Padma Gyalpo (Lotus King), Hemis Festival Ladakh


Padma Gyalpo (Lotus King) wears reddish-flesh-color mask and robe of red brocade and holds a damru and an incense pot. He is a great teacher.


Performance by Padma Gyalpo (Lotus King) during Hemis Festival Ladakh


In the second performance by the incarnations, Padma Gyalpo, the bearded incarnate, dances in front of the entourage.

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